Services provided in the fields of concentrates, noble alloys, biomass, fertilizers, ferrous/ non-ferrous scrap and agricultural products are conducted under ISO 9001 certification (Approval Certificate No: RQA667674 for full scope details).

FUELS AND BIOMASS Marine Oil Surveys provides a broad spectrum of services on all types of Solid Fuels and Biomass commodities. Team members offer more than 40 years of experience and expertise in sampling, sample preparation and analytical services. This enables the company to handle everything needed for the customer and provide technical support wherever required.

In the product range of Fuels, Marine Oil Surveys is a leading expert, besides all traditional inspection, sampling and sample preparation services, in deep temperature control and infrared temperature control. It owns all necessary equipment and the expertise to conduct both services during loading and discharge operations, prior discharge operations and as well as during the period of stockpiling and reloading operations from the stockpile to to avoid all kind of self-combustion

All analysis which are requested on Fuels according to GlobalCoal SCoTA’s of specific requirements.