What We Offer?

Services provided in the fields of concentrates, noble alloys, biomass, fertilizers, ferrous/ non-ferrous scrap and agricultural products are conducted under ISO 9001 certification (Approval Certificate No: RQA667674 for full scope details).

FUELS AND BIOMASS Marine Oil Surveys provides a broad spectrum of services on all types of Solid Fuels and Biomass commodities. Team members offer more than 40 years of experience and expertise in sampling, sample preparation and analytical services. This enables the company to handle everything needed for the customer and provide technical support wherever required.

In the product range of Fuels, Marine Oil Surveys is a leading expert, besides all traditional inspection, sampling and sample preparation services, in deep temperature control and infrared temperature control. It owns all necessary equipment and the expertise to conduct both services during loading and discharge operations, prior discharge operations and as well as during the period of stockpiling and reloading operations from the stockpile to to avoid all kind of self-combustion

All analysis which are requested on Fuels according to GlobalCoal SCoTA’s of specific requirements.


Marine Oil Surveys offers a wide range of services to protect both vessel and cargo owners interests avoiding unnecessary costs such as damage on vessels / cargo loss – contamination and proper quantity assessment by nautical weight determinations . Our well-trained surveyors are representing the customer during the performed services and are able to combine several services during their representation. By offering these services, RC Inspection ensures that the client will receive all information available about their cargo and vessel conditions at all times.



 Marine Oil Surveys provides a complete spectrum of services on ores , minerals , concentrates metals, noble alloys, bulk alloys, high purity-, base-, minor-, precious and rare earth metals.

The value of the material is best determined by means of quality and quantity assessment. Marine Oil Surveys employs professional experts with all the knowledge and experience to conduct sampling, inspection and analytical services on a wide range of commodities.

Samples are dispatched to nearest strategically located world class analytical laboratories to ensure its customers the fastest turnaround times for the analytical results.


Marine Oil Surveys has all the required in-house knowledge and experience to provide high quality services for the quantity and quality measurements of ferrous, nonferrous and complex precious scrap materials. This ensures that all parties involved, either buying or selling, in the recycling chain, are given a reliable reflection of qualities and quantities which are loaded / unloaded. All services are carried out by own fully employed staff.


Among other services, Marine Oil Surveys Group designs, equips and operates mine and port site laboratories and sample preparation facilities for drilling, mining and metallurgical process plant support.

For each location and ore body the best type of equipment and analytical techniques are proposed and supplied to customers all delivered in perfect condition. Application is done prior actual delivery in combination with technicians and chemists being placed in remote locations to operate and manage such facilities.

Marine Oil Surveys also offers services for re-packing Rare Earth metals / Powders and delivers suitable packaging for such products and renders weighing services with portable high precision weighing scales enabling customers to deliver a duly packed, weighed and analyzed product to end-users

Flow Moisture Point determinations are carried out advising shipping companies whether cargoes are suitable for safe sea voyages

Technical support and advise on any type of Solid Fuels can be given to customers avoiding cargoes being delivered at points of destination not suitable for the purpose or when not processed properly in fire stations exceeding the expected levels of environmental regulations for such as CO2-emission.